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Hola people. What’s up? Are you all experiencing festive vibes around you? 😀 Well, I quite love current time of the year as festivals and wedding season is approaching plus winter is also coming. Also, next month is my birthday month (Yayy yayy!).
Talking about this post, I am here with another food blog for my lovely people. It’s about Mocha- one of the oldest café chain which started from Mumbai and expanded to almost 12 prominent cities of India. And now it’s in Lucknow too. After the launch last month, they organized bloggers meet and I found myself lucky to be a part of it as one can’t resist the scrumptious dishes that they serve. This one is the first restaurant where I enjoyed each and every dish that I had.
Location– This one is situated at Patrakar Puram, Gomti Nagar.
Area and Ambiance– It is quite impressive that the interiors and exteriors are well and creatively designed. Mocha is divided into two sections- outdoor seating and indoor seating. There’s even a bar section inside. The décor and painted walls tell you how creative the team is. I personally liked the outdoor seating arrangement as one can easily enjoy the lovely weather with peers and friends.
Cuisines– Café, Italian and Continental.
Food– They have unparalleled range of food and drinks and the way of presenting it is just too awesome. The food and drink that I had or tasted are:
1. Ferrero Rocher Shake– Heavenly taste of chocolate and the right amount of sweetness defines this shake. The quantity that they serve will always be enough in order to satisfy one’s quench.

2. Freak Shake– Freak Out! Cause this freak shake is all you need if you are a chocolate craver. This is the most amazing drink that I have ever had in my entire life. Man! Freak shake is irresistible. You just can’t ignore it. The decoration done with gems and brownie pieces makes it highly alluring.

3. Kaanda Pav– For starters it’s a fine dish. Kaanda means onion fritters. So onion fritters in a bun. Isn’t something innovative. Also, it won’t hit much on your pocket and your tummy will be satisfied.

4. Penne Arabiata– Short tubes of pasta stirred well in tomato sauce and seasoned with pepper and salt is the most classic type of pasta i.e Arabiata which is served here heartily with garlic breads.

5. Khichdi– Although I did not had this one much (as I was already full after having the above delicacies) but, I must say you all should at least try it once you visit Mocha. Khichdi by Mocha is the most appetizing and appealing dish.

Overall, it was a wonderful acquaintance with my blogger friends and an ultimate experience at Mocha. This one has surely become one of my favourites in the town. Wuhuu I’m so happy that Mocha is here. And I recommend each one of you to go there whenever you are in Lucknow. The team is bottled up with creativity and enthusiasm. Waiters will always attend you kindly with a smile on their face. This place will only bring joy no matter in what mood you are.
A good thing is that they have started musical evening. So now you can enjoy both music and food together. That’s lovely, I suppose. So don’t wait, if you are in my town, visit Mocha and treat yourself from the tempting menu they have designed.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. Do give your suggestions.

Until next time, keep smiling and stay healthy. 🙂
Food– 5/5
Ambiance– 5/5
Music– 4.5/5
Money– 5/5

Photography– Daniel Joseph

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