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Today’s post is about a Gypsy Look. So, what exactly a gypsy style is? What does gypsy means? Who are gypsies and where did they come from? Well, Romani people are widely known as Gypsy. History of their origin is as mysterious and full of myths as their look. The word is derived from a Greek word “Aigyptioi” which means “Egyptian” (that also states that they belong to Egypt). After the recent genetic studies, it is proved that Gypsies originated from Indian subcontinent, presumably from where the states Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab exist today. And they migrated to Europe around 1500 years ago. Presently, there are 12 million Romani worldwide and mostly in Europe, which makes them continent’s largest ethnic minority group.

Gypsy people are popularly known for doing seasonal work and fortune telling. These people are considered as carefree, romantic, free spirited and artistic and so is their way of dressing. If you want to dress like gypsies, you should keep the following points in mind-

  • First thing, go for a loose top or blouse. It will be good if the blouse/top have puffy sleeves or butterfly sleeves.
  • Same goes with the bottom wear, go for loose pants or something. Frilled/layered skirt would be perfect. Avoid jeans or skin fit skirts.
  • Decorate yourself with colorful ornaments or with copper gold jewelry. Beaded necklaces, bangles, bracelets and hoop earrings.
  • Wear a headband or scarf on your head.
  • Let your untamed hair flow wildly.
  • Go for bold makeup. Makeup should be mysterious and in a darker tone (gypsies are known for their dark coloring and bold look).

So that’s how one can opt for gypsy look. Dressing like gypsy can be fun and quick.

This is how I dressed –

I am wearing a white butterfly top from Dressberry and paired it with red pants. Adorned myself with lots of colored and beaded jewelry and tied a colorful choker on my head making it look like a headband. For my makeup part I applied a darker tone of foundation to get that dark touch and left my hair open to flaunt my curls. Lastly wore white sandal with chunky heels from Street Style Store which very well complimented my attire.

Today, gypsy dressing is glamorized by giving it a modern touch. Usually, people dress like gypsies on occasions like Halloween and play a lot with makeup. Fortune tellers also adapt gypsy clothing. However, I personally loved styling like them because it is so much fun and easy style to adjust with. Also, this style wont hit much on your pocket.

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Photography- Aameen Siddiqui

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  1. Undoubtedly the most superlative one. Was never good in history but some really enthralling points there about the Gypsies. You look so pretty and it’s so striking that I had to take a second thought on that is this really you. I said Spanish, but it’s actually Rome haha close enough. Content was ample and riveting. Magnificent work Stylemilagro 👌. Always a pleasure reviewing your work.

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