Style Milagro Turns One

People grow, but how they grew always stays.

Okay..Wait!! Oh no! Is it 22nd June?
Ohh My!! My blog turns 1 today. I am unable to believe that I reached this milestone. Yayyiee!!
On reaching this level, I thought why not to share my blogging experience with you guys! But first let me confess why I started and how I started blogging.

I will not say that “fashion and beauty was my thing and I always wanted to be a fashion blogger”.
I remember this time last year when I was way too much jealous of all my friends who were busy doing internships in different media organisations and I was sitting at home like a douchebag for my family. I had this fear that what would I say to my teachers about what I did when everybody else will share their experiences. I was scared deeply that when I will enter my class after 3 months of vacations, I won’t have anything to share. However, I knew one thing that I have to do something. Something or maybe anything. That’s when I ended up being a fashion blogger because this profession fascinated me the most after acting (Okay, yes, initially I wanted to be an actor).
Pondering back the past year, I have grown so much not only professionally but also as a person. Most importantly, these 12 months of blogging has taught me tonnes of things about life. And today I decided to jot them down in a listicle form.

1.Blogging taught me to be patient. I learnt that good things take time and eventually what you always wanted in your life will find it’s way.

2. I learnt it’s okay to say ‘No’ sometimes.

3. Blogging made a fierce and strong.

4. Blogging taught me ‘not-to-be-lazy’.

5. It taught me ‘hard work’.

6. It also taught me to ‘work smarter and not necessarily harder’.

7. I learnt how to recover from ‘failure’.

8. It’s okay if you don’t follow the on-going trends. After all, style is what matters and we are the creator of fashion.

9. I learnt not to listen to haters and keep doing what I love. After all, ‘Haters gonna hate’ πŸ˜›

10. I read this somewhere “Being skinny is ok, not being skinny is ok. Having curves is ok, not having curves is ok. Bashing someone for their body type is not okay.”
So I learnt to ignore people who think that fashion and size go together.

11. I learnt to acknowledge my mistakes and flaws and also learnt to consider good things in me.

12. I learnt that there are good times and bad times and one can’t help it.

13. I learnt that every individual is beautiful in it’s own way.

14. I learnt ‘not-to-trust’ people easily.

15. I learnt to accept some bitter truths​ of life and that made me stronger.

16. I learnt not to let my guard down even for a second.

17. I learnt to be happy and also that sometimes silence is the best reply.

Phew! Maybe that’s all what I wanted to share. I am just a self- obsessed girl who always wanted to be known for her work and become famous. Being a Personal Style Blogger is just a step closer towards my aim.
Can’t forget to mention my family and few close friends who have constantly been there and have pushed me till here. I can’t thank enough to all my followers on Instagram and other social media who have always encouraged me to work hard. πŸ™‚

Below are the pictures I shot for this day. Enjoy-

Lastly, thanks for stopping by and reading till the end of this post, I love you all. ^_^

Photography-Β Aameen Siddiqui

Setup By- Mohit Saxena

30 thoughts on “Style Milagro Turns One

  1. U are really a grown up now….Shalini I am so happy for you to the bottom of my heart and yes you have taken the best decision of your life one years back….and we got our fashion icon!!!
    Love u loads drlng…keep shining like this only…mmuuaahhhh😘😘

  2. Oh wow this is so wonderful. Good bless you, continue with the same grace. So happy for you and you look very nice. I’m sure many more intriguing initiatives to comeby.

  3. My god shalu you look so pretty.❀ Congratulations for completion of one year. I feel so glad that you started your blog with my photography. Good work love. All the best for your future.

  4. Dear shalu khaati aalu,
    I might be the happiest person to c u grow and reach to this stage. keep rocking love. Jhande gaado khoob.
    Your saubhagya paubhagya

  5. Congratulations Shalini πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ and the pictures were beautiful😍😍😍❀

  6. You are beautiful. You’re marvelous Shalini ma’am.
    Keep up the blog. Your fans r always waiting for the next one. πŸ˜€

  7. Congratulation Sis 😁I am so happy for you 😁 May God bless you with more success πŸ™πŸ˜˜

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