A Flamboyant spectacle with Makeover Salon

Hello all you pretty girls, what’s up??
Firstly, I’m sorry for not being active much on the blog. I was busy figuring out few other things. Also these days college and it’s assignments have backed on my priority graph. But anyhow, I’m back again with an exciting post for you all. This one is about beauty and being stylish.

Recently, Makeover Salon by Aanchal Bhatia gave me a makeover that included full eye makeup, face makeup, hair cut, and hair do as well. Trust me guys it was such a satisfying and extraordinary experience for me. Everything they did on my face made me look more and more prettier. Also I learnt new tips regarding makeup, and few were really impressive. This makeover completely changed my thinking regarding makeup. I am a girl who thought face powder, eye liner and lip shade is sufficient for any occasion, but now I believe base makeup, is also required in order to stand out in crowd. Makeup makes your skin smoother and bring out the best in you. Its a magic that heals your skin by hiding smallest of imperfection. See how my look was completely changed after the makeover:

So now let me tell you everything in detail.
Glowing Skin-(Base Makeup)
I entered the Salon with all that shabby and messy hair look. I’m a scooty girl and pollution is the biggest enemy of my skin. The time I saw myself in the mirror, I thought “Damn!! You look horrid and the shoot is in few hours”.

But thanks to my makeup expert, Aanchal who firstly did CTM on my face, that is, Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. It was quite relaxing, the way she dabbed or patted her fingers on my skin while cleaning gave me a happy feeling. And happiness bring glow on your face. ๐Ÿ˜‰
As she started with the makeup, the first thing she put was the primer for the makeup to last long. Using a concealer she hide out the imperfection on my face and balanced the skin tone differences. Then she used a silicon cake foundation of lightest tone as a base and blended it so easily on the skin by dabbing, that suddenly the whole look changed. In order to enhance my facial features she did contouring on my face with two tone darker shades and finally applied the foundation powder.

That was all for the base makeup.
Sparkling Eyes- Now read what’s my eyes telling you. Firstly, a base makeup was done on the boney as well as at the eye ball area. Eye shadow plays a very crucial role in every eye makeup. No eye makeup is complete without eye shadow as it gives you a different layout of the eye if applied correctly and with right texture of shades. Pink and golden eye shadow shades was used by Aanchal on my eyes so as to match my attire and give me all that doll look. And then black shade so as it bring out a little mysterious look. ๐Ÿ˜›

Secondly, an eye liner was applied to define my eyes, and make my eyes pop out. Eye liners give an illusion of bigger eyes if applied above and on the below lashes area.
Thirdly, Kajal is a must cosmetic product as it alone gives define and lines your eyes. Mascara was also applied on my eyes as it defines every single lash and makes you eyes look bigger and prettier.

So it was all about my eye makeup. Hope you liked it.
Pink lips- A baby pink Kryloan lipstick was applied on my lips.

Hairdo- It had been a long time since I went for any hair treatment. I hardly changed my hairstyle from 2 years. But this time, Aanchal being such a sweetheart gave me a Layered haircut that looks pretty cool on me (PS- I was bored of my hair but now this haircut perfectly suits me). Later she gave me a hairstyle of messy curls with the help of the blow dryer and hair curler.

Aanchal, the owner and makeup expert at Makeover Salon

And that’s was all about my look.
Again I will say that it was a wonderfulย  experience for me overall. Then I flaunted my makeup and enjoyed the vivacious look that was cute and attractive enough to turn heads around.
Now let’s talk about my outfit:
I purchased this pink floral print skirt from Myntra. I hardly wear pink, but whenever I get a chance I primp pink cause it is girly and adorable. Light and soft because of the art-silk fabric. I was confused regarding what to wear on top of the skirt. Eventually, I did not much experiment with the top this time and bought this top from FBB. I kept the top simple yet it complemented my skirt.

These wedges bought from the shop nearby my house looks girly and pinky that it very well matched with my attire. ๐Ÿ™‚

Phew, was it a bit long? Yes it was because I tried to cover all the minute details for you all so that you guys may also learn and try to do what I did. Everybody is born beautiful but your style, attitude and makeup makes you shine among others.

If you liked my post, drop a comment inย  the comment section so that I may know how much I am able to influence you all. Suggestions and feedbacks are always important for me. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

Cosmetic products details-
Concealer – Kryolan Orange Concealer
Lipstick- Kryolan
Eye shadow palette – Colorbar
Liner- Lakme Absolute
Mascara- Maybelline
Blush- Mac
Lipstick- Kryolan

Makeup Expert – Aanchal Bhatia
Hairstylist – Aanchal Bhatia

Aameen Siddiqui


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  1. Amazing blog you have written. You have explained each & every minute details of makeup.! Beautifully wriiten..
    And mindblowing puctures..๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Have to say this’s been the most profound one. Good to see that u added some new venues, rest of it was all fantastic.

  3. You look beautiful shaluโค๐Ÿ˜˜ in love with your skirt๐Ÿ˜ and very soon i’m gonna visit makeover too๐Ÿ˜Š

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