Creating new look using old clothes.

I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.

–  Coco Chanel

Rightly said, you don’t have to follow the recent trends all the time, just follow your heart and wear what you want. 🙂
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Hola ladies, what’s up?

Story of my life be ” I don’t have enough clothes to wear”. But when I stared into my closet thinking ” How do I have so many clothes and still have nothing to wear”, I instantly decided to style and showcase my old clothes that are unworn from several years. Therefore this post is all about creating a new look from old clothes. People always question me that “why do everyone (fashion influencers) have to focus on brands always?” Well I completely understand that buying brand new apparels every week is not that easy or many a times it’s impossible. Sometimes one can’t afford shopping brands and yet want to look fashionable. So why not try styling a new look from what you already have. Because at the end of the day what matters is how you styled your outfit. Always remember that ‘we wear clothes, clothes don’t wear us’. In order to look chic in old and outdated clothes you must know how to style an outfit with right pieces of clothing and to do this you need to wake-up the creative side of yours.
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Today’s outfit is the perfect example of what I am telling you guys. Anyway I created a whole new look from some really old clothes of mine. I wore a red high on neck velvet sweater with skirt that has red and blue check print on it. The top which I am wearing was bought years ago and used to be a long top. But with time I gained height and the top became short. So I wore it as a crop top. The skirt that I am wearing is from my sister’s closet. This skirt was kept in the corner almost since a decade. My sister used to wear it when she was of my age. She also told me that this skirt was one of her favourite and therefore she never eliminated it from her wardrobe. Anyway, this turned out to be good for me as it went perfectly with my top. 😄 Yippee.
Well it’s winter, so I slipped into tan coloured ankle boots which is super comfortable and looks cute.
This is how I created an entire new look with some really old clothes of mine. You all can do it by expanding your creativity. If you have some ideas of creating new look with old clothes, do share it with me in the comment section.
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  1. Extremely illustrious, well articulated and nicely consolidated. The idea was even more inducing for mens, who don’t make the most of vintage items which is Clothes in this case. Proud of yaa, that you’re thinking is so widespread and very influential socially and ethically.

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